You can be sure whether you are a new stuffed toy inventor or a toy business expert, that I will be clear for what we can or not to take your ideas into great selling toys or promotion gifts.
Whether you will be selling online, through traditional sales channels or both, I have solutions for you that will benefit your toy ideas greatly.
My team is here to help you to succeed with your idea. Because your win is our win too.

1 . Q:How can you make sample for us?  

Firstly, If you send us the Physical Sample For Counter-sample,  Always is free. 
If you send Only artwork Or Sketch, Our Finished sample can reach to 95% at least based on your artwork, We will
 collect the Basic Material and Processing Cost, like embroidery, printing etc. but all is refundable after order approval. 

2 . Q:How much I need pay for my sample works ?  

Normally we collect $50 to $200.00 Per design, According to the Processing Difficulty And Basic Cost from the Material, Crafts, Embroidery and Printing. 

If you have assorted design want to developed together, We can offer you a discount Always

The Counter-sample based on the Physical Sample, Always can be free

All the Sample Cost is refundable once the Order Approval

3 . Q:How long does it take to get the goods in my country?  
  A:Approximately 8weeks to 15weeks;

Sample and approval Stage - within 2 weeks approximately
Production  - within 5weeks to 8weeks approximately
Delivery (by sea or air) - by air 1week to by sea 5weeks approximately.

4 . Q:How long I need to await for my first sample?  
  A:Noramlly we need 3-5working days per design for sample developing, and added the courier time to your office, it need about 8-10days you can get your first sample in hand;  
5 . Q:How do I know HOLHAN is a reputable company?  
  A:When you see our website, our partner and our service brand, you must have confident for our credit and experience.
of courses, if you needed, you can ask the contact in your local or neighbouring countries to get more information from all our staff any time.
6 . Q:Are your toys safe?  
  A:Yes. I have been designing and manufacturing toys for over 10years.
All of our toys meet international safety standards. EN71 & ASTM 935, and each toys been detected before packing and shipment, and all the fabric and stuffed materials is
from the audit supplier in china, So we can guarentee 100% safety for our products;
7 . Q:What is your minimum order?  
  A:500 pieces per design. of courses, You will more cheaper price if you order 2,000 pieces or more. Most of our clients like you look at the first few production runs as test runs.
500 pieces is a good starting to see if your idea will workable. Get a quote and details information from now.
8 . Q:Where do I send my ideas, payment? Comment faire de votre original et le paiement ?  
  A:You can sent your ideas by our mails immediately once you have fixed your ideas.
And you can arrange the payment by western union for small amount and transfer through bank with bigger amount, for the details, please ask our staff by mails.
9 . Q:How do I protect my idea?  
  A:The first step to protecting your idea, is ensuring that the manufacturer you work with signs a NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement ) This means that we cannot reproduce your product without your permission.
We have built our company over the last 20 years on the fact that we only manufacture goods for you. We have no interest in stealing ideas, and also get a free NDA here.